Time Management Mistakes

April 29, 2011

The image lists some common time management mistakes. It is by no means all there is but we have to start somewhere.

What are your ideas on overcoming some of the issues outlined here?

Perhaps you could take one or two and outline how you have overcome that particular issue.

Mind Map of Commong Time Management Mistakes

Common Time Management Mistakes


Successful People and their commonality!

June 17, 2010

I caught this notice on my twitter account: 50 Things Successful People have In Common.

I found it interesting and retweeded. I also went a step further, because I do like to experiment. I created a poster of the commonality between successful people.

Hopefully the image is large enough to be able to see or print clearly.

Things Successful People Have in Common

Commonality between successulf people.

Twitter Network

May 7, 2010

What would a partial circle of twitter entities looks like. I realized after I started this, how crazy this is. Can’t imagine having any more than this, but yes there are more. Just did not get to all of them.

Probably should have a bigger image, what do you think?
Most importantly, can you find yourself here?


Twitter users I follow!

How would you improve this?

April 21, 2010

The code below is what is mostly generated by Iron Speed code designer. I usually do most of the look up information linking on the database using foreign key links.

The look up table has three columns. A system id or code, a meta_type for categories and a description.

The filtering category is placed at the “somevalue” place holder. This whole thing is inserted into the section where the function affects the rows in question.

Some databases have multiple look up tables I use mostly one with categories to filtered for each look up.

Simple lookup table design.

Lookup table design.

#Region “Code Customization”

”’ Override the PopulateSYS_IDDropDownList function to filter contents of Dropdown list.
Protected Overrides Sub PopulateCODE_SYSIDDropDownList( _
ByVal selectedValue As String, _
ByVal maxItems As Integer)

‘ Set up the WHERE clause.
Dim wc As WhereClause = New WhereClause
wc.iAND(CODE_TABLETable.META_TYPE, BaseClasses.Data.BaseFilter.ComparisonOperator.EqualsTo, “somevalue“)

Dim orderBy As OrderBy = New OrderBy(False, True)
orderBy.Add(CODE_TABLETable.SYS_ID, BaseClasses.Data.OrderByItem.OrderDir.Asc)

Dim itemValue As CODE_TABLERecord
For Each itemValue In CODE_TABLETable.GetRecords(wc, orderBy, 0, maxItems)

‘ Create the item and add to the list.
Dim cvalue As String = itemValue.SYS_ID.ToString()
Dim fvalue As String = itemValue.Format(CODE_TABLETable.DESCRIPTION)
Dim item As ListItem = New ListItem(fvalue, cvalue)

‘ Set up the selected item.
If Not selectedValue Is Nothing AndAlso _
selectedValue.Trim “” AndAlso _
Not SetSelectedValue(Me.CODE_SYSID, selectedValue) Then
Dim fvalue As String = OSERVICES_PROVIDEDTable.CODE_SYSID.Format(selectedValue)
Dim item As ListItem = New ListItem(fvalue, selectedValue)
item.Selected = true
Me.CODE_SYSID.Items.Insert(0, item)
End If

‘ Add the Please Select item.
Me.CODE_SYSID.Items.Insert(0, New ListItem(MiscUtils.GetValueFromResourceFile(“Txt:PleaseSelect”, “Application”), “–PLEASE_SELECT–“))
End Sub

#End Region

Visual Studio 2010 New Features Map (will grow).

April 12, 2010

There are many new features available in VS 2010. Can’t wait to start using it. Meanwhile I’ve mapped the new features being highlighted in videos and other blogs. This list will get bigger I’m sure, especially the bugs list. The subtopic place holders are for features I’ll add later 🙂

Mind Map of Visual Studio 2010's New Features

Visual Studio 2010 New Features

ASP.NET Page Life Cycle via Mind Map

April 5, 2010

This begins a series of simple mind maps, describing certain features of the ASP.NET framework. I’m sure there’s many such things out there, doing this for my reference as well of others.

ASP.Net Page Life Cycle

Simple description of page life cycle.


November 23, 2009

I attended the Southern California Code Camp event this past Saturday (November 21, 2009). I came away with new understanding of Agile methods, Domain Designs, Refactoring and Twitter.

I’ve joined Twitter as an experiment, we’ll see how this works out.