The humble object of this blog is to share information. There are a lot technical blogs and forums that do this, so why another one?

Sharing of information by some programmers is notoriously absent in many companies. The mentality of keeping your code secret lest it be stolen has caused many a re-write of something that was already done.

It is my aim to distribute as much technical knowledge as I can get my hands on in somewhat non-technical terms. By their nature, code snippets are obtuse, yet documentation (which everyone claims not to have time for), can really clear up matters and make some programs if not all, easier to understand.

While the postings here may be unique to my situation, many times, we make mistakes or succeed  in parallel.

As far as documentation goes, I’ve learned that if you don’t balance your checkbook now (because you don’t have time), you will have to make time to handle a crisis when your checks start bouncing.




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