DIY Stands for your keyboard!

About a year ago, I read an article that described sitting for extended periods time and the effect on one’s metabolism.

Recently another article came out, see it here: Couch Potato

For a long time I’ve had an alarm in Outlook remind me to get up, stand, stretch every so often.

I went all out this time and made a little keyboard stand so I can… well…stand for longer periods of time.

Home Made Raised Keyboard Stand

DIY Raised Stand

Now the alarm reminds me to sit down 🙂

Since my first attempt I have now added a second section for my other monitor. Everything is good so far.

Now my setup does not compare to the adjustable tables made by this company
Adjustable Tables

I really like the one below, only problem is that it costs about $4,000 and the model is not included!


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