The OneNote experience…continued!

I recently wrote a friend of mine the following:

Dear Friend,

I hope you are doing well. I wanted to share with you this site:

It’s all about OneNote, how to use, tips etc., etc.  🙂

I have now been using OneNote for about two weeks. Everything goes in it. My personal notes, work, web stuff, code samples, troubleshooting solutions. Clippings from the web and more. I’m so enamored with this program I’ve now gone mad and recommended to fellow developers and showed them how I’m using it.

I get excited about certain things to a fault! 🙂 This program has been around since 2003. I used blogging originally as a way of writing some of my thoughts in a diary like manner. The downside was that I could not really put down very personal stuff on the web. With OneNote I now have my journal, my very own diary which is password protected and of course all the other things that go with it. Notes for the day, notes on projects and more as I mentioned before.

Hope you or someone in your team finds the link useful. There are other similar software programs, I happen to have access to this one.

One more thing, I can draw directly into this program. That’s just absolutely ‘fantaboulous’!


Your friend in tech: Otto

Screen Shot of OneNote page.


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