Twitter Network

What would a partial circle of twitter entities looks like. I realized after I started this, how crazy this is. Can’t imagine having any more than this, but yes there are more. Just did not get to all of them.

Probably should have a bigger image, what do you think?
Most importantly, can you find yourself here?


Twitter users I follow!


2 Responses to Twitter Network

  1. Liam Hughes says:

    I actually have a map that is similar to this. I batch the people together according to why I follow them. For example, mind-mapping people are in one batch, social media people are in another group etc etc. These are then broken down into smaller groups where possible (i.e. mindmanager users, mind map bloggers etc). Have not quite figured out how to make it particularly useful yet, but it is an interesting way of viewing the respective areas represented by the people you follow!
    I’m sure there is a way to get each person’s feed coming into them on the map, but I have not got around to trying to figure that one out yet!!!

    • Otto says:

      Liam, I thought about doing as you described. Only thing is that it got to be quite a daunting task. I wanted to have live web links and I’m in the same boat (not really sure how to use it).

      One thing is for sure, it gave me the confidence to use Mindjet to look at the possibilities of any given task. Your groupings are an excellent idea.

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