Photoshop Cs4 Spritelike Installation

We recently (finally…) obtained our Photoshop CS4 license. I really like the interface!

Enjoying working with Photoshop is one thing. Installing it is another matter. Let’s go through the motions of what I’ve had to go through.

Obtaining the software.

First thing I had to do was justify using the tool. That was easy enough, justification of software, hardware I believe is sometimes just a deterrent, discourage people from  wildly ordering things just because they’re available. We have been running CSs for quite a while so I figured it was time.

While owning the software a designer one does not make, it makes it easier for those who do design to get their job done. Yes, there are free tools out there  and those should be given a good run as well. On the other, hand the Photoshop community is very helpful and there are tons of tutorials and support available to make best use of the tool. One of the reasons to upgrade.

Once justification was accepted, PO was submitted and after a few weeks got our email stating our order had been processed.

The Install Nightmare Begins!

I was eager to get thing going so I asked if I downloaded the trial version, I could then later supply the validation key and be done with it. I figured I had 30 days and could be using it meanwhile.

The trial install had a few glitches. It took a while and after what seemed an eternity I was able to begin exploring the new features.

A few days later the license key came in and so I figured all I had to do was enter it and we would on our way, no longer being asked to enter the key every startup. That was too good to be true. The trial version, even the one we download from the official Adobe License site, defaults to the extended version. Our key does not work with that version. That’s something I didn’t understand fully the first time around. Or the second for that matter. Since the trial version was the Extended version and we had the Standard version key, I had to uninstall the trial version, re-install again and provide the key immediately upon installation.

That’s what I know now. I thought that by getting the installation software from the Adobe site, I would get the correct installation files. On my second attempt on another PC (we have a total of five licenses), I did not have the license number with me and so I decided to go for the trial version until I retrieved the license number. That was a mistake because again the installation defaulted to the Extended version and there was no other option.

To get it to run, I had to uninstall and re-install providing the key immediately upon re-installation. Since I did not fully understand what was going on, I had saved the downloaded files to install on the next PC. That did not work either. It seems that I have to download the files and run the install on each machine, providing the license key upon installation. Does that sound ridiculous to you? I know I missed something along the way.

There is a deployment file on the AWL site. I supposed I should have tried that or read the read me files first 🙂. But alas! I’m a typical guy, don’t ask for directions or read manuals!

Third time is the charm!

I’m not sure why the license key was not being accepted on the installation file previously saved from the first install. Since I could not go any further I downloaded the file again and provided the license key immediately. Worked like a charm!

Photoshop Splash Screen

CS4 Splash Screen

I have a couple of more installs plus a copy on a home computer (read the license agreement for this), I hope I don’t have any more issues. Have you had any similar install issues with Adobe software? It seems that all of these issues are anti-piracy related. One can not get to the original install files unless you have access to the AWL site. That’s what I’m thinking.

In any case, I’m putting it through PS through it’s paces, lots to learn ahead!


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