Visual Thinking

When you think about something, do you see words, sentences, paragraphs? Do your see vivid images, actions, color or black and white?

I had never really thought about it. And I guess it’s a combination of words and images. For example I can’t help but to see a person’s face when I think of the name which is a word. Or a place if I think of the name. I can think of images without knowing the name of the place but some words come to mind anyway.

When you tell a story based on just words, the imagination of the ones listening takes over. Images for the most part is what I see when hearing the words.

I saw an interesting comic drawing.

The many faces of a project.

What is the end result?

Illustrating what happens to project from beginning to end. Words are used, mountains of words. And yet many projects after completion end up being something else than the customer originally needed or wanted.

Perhaps in addition to all the rules we strive to follow in project life cycles we also need to incorporate some ‘Visual Thinking’.  How do we achieve that?  I’m glad the question popped up. The following link has some very constructive examples on how to achieve visual thinking: Visual Thinking’s Value


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