Windows 7 discomfiture!

I have been running Windows 7 for quite a while. Beta, RC, RTM and all these months went very smoothly.

For the first time, frustration and Windows 7 came to the fore. I lost my virtual machine. Specifically Windows 7 crashed and was never able to recover. I had antivirus software installed so I do not suspect any electronic skulduggery.

The antivirus software installed on this particular box was McAfee’s Beta 4.0. I did notice that I had some trouble updating the software and Windows would lock up often when trying to update the virus definitions.

Being the I have the OS running on a virtual box may have something to do with it but I chose to quickly re-install as all recovery attempts failed. I have a new install now and everything is back to normal.

I’ll keep track of how many times this happens in the environment I’m working.


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