Almost 100…

That is 97 things a project manager should know.

I recently participated in a webinar that dealt with the subject of what I project manager should know, or at least consider to insure success of his/her projects.

It was quite a lot of information and yet useful. There is a book of the same title: 97 Things Every Project Manager Should Know.  While the presentation in the eyes of some was lackluster, I did my best to try to get the most out of it.

I’m an application developer, but definitely take the role of Project Manager often enough to warrant exploring this subject in depth. Every project has it successes and failures and sometimes the entire project bombs.  Following most tips if not all will most assuredly make our lives easier.

Some things just stand out. The question was asked: Where are the users? In typical fashion we plan, design, code and when we’re ready to unveil our wonderful creation, it surprises everyone. Is not what they expected!  Along the way users should be included and know fully what’s going on. It’s amazing how many times, at least part of the user groups, by circumstance or happenstance are excluded from the design process.

Egos are bruised, folks are upset, and the project needs to be rescued. An application may finally go into production, but at what cost? How much work after going live is devoted to fixing or changing things? That measure is a tell tale sign of what was left out in the design process.

So off to explore those 97 things I go!


3 Responses to Almost 100…

  1. PM Hut says:

    Have you managed to take some notes of what some of these 97 things are (btw, both links point to the same place).

    Project Management is definitely a move forward in your career. In case you’re serious about Project Management, I have published a collection of 300 questions to interview project managers. In case you are going to be promoted from the inside, then most probably you won’t have to go through the interview process.

  2. Editor says:

    If you let me know the ’97 things’ then I will Mind Map them for you! As a project manager have tried the combined power of Mind Mapping with iMindMap and the embedded project planner function which dynamically links between the map and chart. Download a demo from
    Excellent post really enjoyed reading what you have to say. Thanks

  3. Otto says:

    On the original post I meant to include the table of contents from the ’97 things’ book. Go here:

    There is an expand button to see the whole list on the page.

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