Virtual Computing for the Developer

One of the many facets of development involves testing you applications, programs, games. Whatever grand program you have created to improve the world (at least your company’s bottom line), needs testing.

Development machines are somewhat different than what users at large may have. In a corporate environment, regular desktops will probably be locked down and many restrictions will be placed on users ability to install, download and many other things.

Having more than one desktop on hand is costly and cumbersome (space wise).

Virtual Computing to the rescue.  I really like using virtual machines. My latest Virtual Machine is running Windows 7. I’m using the Sun Virtual Box. I can use all my peripherals and it’s very stable. I can test my web apps on this machine with different broswers, settings and such. This prevent my development machine from getting ‘corrupted’, so it can do what it does best.

Virtual Box Settings

Virtual Box Settings

Windows 7 running on a Sun Virtual Box

Windows 7 running on a Sun Virtual Box


One Response to Virtual Computing for the Developer

  1. Bill J says:

    I never used Sun’s VirtualBox before. However, it looks worth to give it a try to see how it stands againt the popular players, such as Virtual PC and VMware.

    Some blogs/reviews claim that this is actually way better than the popular ones.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

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