What’s for lunch?

While the question above may seem unrelated to good programming techniques, there is a world to be explored here. Programming or for that matter, any of the engineering disciplines together with project management require a lot of though processes.

It has been variously recommended that if you have a sitting job (sedentary), a standing break should be taken at appropriate times; five minutes to ten minutes every hour or so. Sitting for long periods of times, promotes atrophy, especially of your hips joint areas. A state of being that does not promote proper breathing (slouching on the desktop), which impedes clear thinking.

So besides taking breaks, go to lunch, get out of the office, do not eat at your desk, answers to your programming questions and issues will come just because you are not tense any more. Yes, emergencies do occur and sometimes leaving the office for even half an hour will not happen. But, do they happen every day? If that’s the case, there is some serious program management techniques that need to be discussed.

Lunch could be a walk outside the building we work in, it does not have to involve food. A chat with a friend at work counts. Your body will thank you for it, your brain will get that much needed oxygen which in turn will help you get your project on course.

There are other things we should do, which I’ll be posting soon.A balanced meal.

So what’s for lunch?


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