Scattered Chatter

I work in an office where cubicles are spread out as far as the eye can see. This environment affords the opportunity to talk to your team mates and hash out project issues without having to go all over the place looking for a specific person.

The down side is all the distractions generated by lots of people either shouting across cubicles, phones ringing, and yes, team mates talking to each other.

Cubicle conference calls are the death knell of productive programming.  For quite some time now, I and others have noticed the amount of scattered chatter that breaks our concentration.  Once you pay attention to something like this, every time you hear it, not noticing it becomes a task. A very distracting one. Just like a leaky faucet!

If you are in the same boat, here are some ideas that may help.

  1. Put headphones on
  2. Check email twice a day
  3. Tell everyone
  4. Turn spam filtering on
  5. Banish Growl
  6. Create IM office hours
  7. Silence your phone
  8. Eat lunch out of the office
  9. Become an early bird
  10. Clear your desktop

Want to know more, go here: Eliminating Distractions

I hope these tips allow you to be more productive. Happy programming!


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